We are looking for a company to test pilot a new process for discovering organisational values. Together with Point of Value, we have been working for some time on processes for individuals and teams, using Value.Online. A powerful reflection tool that contributes to deep insights, strengthened trust and traction going forward. Now, a process for whole organisations is evolving, where we can influence the corporate culture in the desired direction. With a process we call Value.Org, the company identifies a set of values to take pride in and to communicate with joy internally and externally. We are currently offering this process as a pilot assignment to a company that is facing a new start or a restart and wishes for nothing more than to co-create this product with us.

By discoverting how selected primary stakeholders perceive your company or what they wish that your company stands for, we take an outside-in perspective to identify organisational values that really matter. As a next step, we are happy to offer our individual and team processes to help achieve a greater understanding of and congruence with the values throughout the organisation. Get in touch if this seems exciting to you and if you would like to talk further. The idea of the pilot is that we offer our time for free and you offer your time for free as well as some feedback to us to further develop the process! Is your organisation the right fit for this opportunity for a fresh start?

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A brief description in English of the powerful tool Value. Online that we use in our development processes for greater authenticity, congruence and consensus in teams and organisations.

Feel free to try a light version of the tool, and find out more about the benefits of working value-based.

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We have lost parts of our human skills and we beleive that those who are aware of this and makes adjustments, will be winners in the organisations of tomorrow.  Framgångare adds knowledge about the brain and body as one biological system and performs activities that transforms the knowledge into competence.  With this competence, we help your organisation to get better results by sustainable leadership and employeeship in a culture built on trust. We support the individual, the team and the entire organisation, based on your needs.


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