Fast Track to Trust
Webinar on Values and Engagement
November 10th 2022 at 5.30-7.00 pm CET in English
(11 november 2022 kl. 11.00-13.00 på svenska)

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Simon Sinek's popular seminars  START WITH WHY have gone viral lately. When we become aware of what we stand for, what we contribute with and the effect it has on others, it can make wonders with motivation and engagement at work.

The way Framgångare work is very similar to Sinek's. We discovered this as we were working through his working book FIND YOUR WHY, a book we warmly recommend if you work with development of individuals, groups or companies.

The process involves a big portion of storytelling, and the tool we use – Value.Online – accelerates the process of finding our stories.

The way we work is also well suited for the companies of tomorrow due to the fact that we use a process we call "fast track to trust".

Trust has, and will have an even bigger meaning in the future for people to be able to cope with the challenges to come. When hierarchy is substituted by teamwork, networking and self leadership, trust is a foundation. When we have established trust, we dare to be innovative, humble and embrace diversity for real.

We are in the middle of a paradigm shift.

Next webinar in English will be held on November 10th at 5.30-7.00 pm CET. Sign up not later than November 7th.
Webinar hosts: Carina Vinberg and Agneta Lundgren.

The seminar is free, you will be charged SEK 300 plus VAT if you have done your ranking and do not show up.

More information upon registration!

Carina Vinberg and Agneta Lundgren

Try before you buy!

During the webinar, you will have the opportunity to try the tool Value. Online which is a ranking of values you will do beforehand online. The tool gives you a map of the values you carry, the ones you live after and prioritize right now. It also shows the values you wish to live by in the future and that could function as magnets moving towards. You will also get information about our training to become a facilitator of Value.Online processes, now carried out online. The education is accredited by the ICF.

Research: Personal values drives engagement

Explore and discover your personal values by the mapping tool Value.Online. In our feedback process your own life stories become clear and you gain an increased understanding of what is really important to you and why, what your driving forces are and what you get energy from and commitment to strive for. Getting to know yourself on a deeper level is becoming more and more necessary to lead others in today's and tomorrow's organizations. We want to follow those who are confident, clear and credible. Maybe this is the next step for you, your work group, your company? 

Quotes from customers who have worked with the Value.Online tool:

The program was useful for my management team and all the members have come much closer together, because we know more about each other. It's that simple!"

 / Joakim Fond, CEO, Hydac Sweden


"It became clear to me that it is important to start from my values, more important than I thought. It has thus become easier to make decisions and easier to be clear. 

I have also increased my mandate by being clear and fearless. It is obvious that everything is connected. That it is no longer a matter of playing a role. 

I have gained better self-esteem in my profession and also in private life addressing things, a clearer focus on goals. A better structure in my thoughts and planning. I get more done. Less talking more done"