Carina Vinberg my parts in the picture

Leadership developer

My passion lies in identifying values and core competencies to become more clear, confident and credible as an individual and leader. 

I contribute to build cultures of workplace trust, with greater well-being, better cooperation and engagement. Trigger growth and innovation. Create
awareness and practice in tools for successful self leadership. 

This is something for future leaders, companies and organisations to look into. As well as for top athletes, families, teams in different situations. To be genuine, curious, creative and generous are important values for me to live every day. 

Which values do you want to live by? 

Sustainability is created when parts unify


The past 6 years I have collaborated with Agneta Lundgren at Framgångare. I also collaborate with the following partners YESBoxTalent and C-IQ European Collective Association. In the European Network we have created workshops for future leaders from a global perspective. See a short introduction film of C-IQ With +15 years as self-
employed coach I have worked with executives and top athletes.

Go alone and you will go fast,
go together and get far.

Pepping and Coaching

Inner climate important when it is tough times outside

I work with their inner climate and collaboration, during their stay at a trappers cabin without electricity and running water at 78th longitude, their mission: to build a global dialogue around climate and environment as citizen scientists. Read more about Hearts in the ice

The 4th Swedish woman

Another amazing woman and adventurer I have skied a lot with and tailormade tools to use in mental challenges in rain, snow and ice on the tops of the mountains in the Alps and Norway is Johann Stålnacke. The goal was to make the demanding trials in a mens dominated profession as an IFMGA international mountaineeringguide last summer. See a film about Johanna here.
Read more about Johannas passion for the mountains

On the outside of the ski pists 

Lotten Rapp, a former worldclass freeskier. With a "Growth Mindset"  and focusing on her values : HAPPINESS, FOCUS and TRUST, Lotten performed at  Freeride World Tour . We changed the law of "jante" to the law of attraction. What did Lotten need to get the state of mind and emotions to perform world-class? How did she use her competence and knowledge in everyday life and outside races? Race as if it is training and train as if it is a race, was her strategy. Here is a Swedish interview with the both of us: Huskypodcast.


I am a PCC coach with International Coach Federation.
As a Value.Online Facilitator, I help individuals to boost motivation by matching the values of the organisation with the values of the individual. 
I made a choice to get a certification in Conversational Intelligence in 2017. I also hold a certification in Neuroscience of Change.

Standing under your reality


Living and leading with your Brain in Mind
Personal development with focus on the latest brain research. Value congruence, do I live my own values or somebody else's? Morning mindful yoga & trekking, healthy food. Said about the course:
"Your leadership and energy is so inspiring to this process and your kindness, knowledge and guidance so important. I am already looking forward to next year!"
"It is an amazing journey to be on; educational, emotional and exciting."

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything,
they just make the best of everything.

Family Member

Proud and happy mother of 3 fantastic children. I am married and have a wonderful running mate in the family's always happy dog. We train every day non-verbal communication keys like body language, tone and sign language.

If you think you can or can not,  you are probably right.

Relations and Meetings

With my family, my friends, new and old, I discover small & big, land & oceans, close & far away. From the savannah in Africa to my secret passion of morning dips all year round, even at the 78th longitude in the Arctic!

If you want something, you better go for it

A life in action

I'd rather be outdoors than inside my motto that has followed me through life. As a former elite cross-country rider I like speed and excitement. My newest sport is padel, climbing and trailrunning. I collect 4000 meter peaks in Switzerland. There are 48 in all, I have 40 more to go. Every peak is a marathon, the best marathon I ran was in New York. Today I am ok with the yearly Lidingöloppet and Icebug West Coast Trail. My everyday yoga keeps me balanced and focused, gives me inner strength, and time for reflection

The whole is greater than 
the sum of its parts


From hobby to project. My first book "taste" is a collage of me and my cousins summers in Torekov. It inspires to simple, healthy and good food.
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About us

In this leadership book 15 coaches share their stories on Changing Conversations for a Changing World.  My chapter Inner Climate Importance in times of Outer Climate Danger. Available on Amazon.