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Value.Online Facilitator Training

"I hadn’t imagined how in-depth the process, insights and applications would be! I’ve done a few values assessments previously, but they were very simplistic in comparison to the ValueOnline. The assessment itself was rigorous in forcing you to always prioritize to a single value – resulting in likely a truer assessment as you really have to discern between the available options.

I appreciated the multiple activities around identifying clusters, exploring the Foundational, Focus and Aspirational values, my role models, and what values I could draw upon to realize and live into my aspirational values. The entire process was very thought provoking. I’m excited to explore further, as I think this is a very substantive vehicle to dig deeper into living into your passion and authenticity. Carina makes it a wonderful experience with her warm and engaging presence – a masterful coach,  supporting, encouraging and inspiring through the process. Carina – thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this tool, your passion and your light! I look forward to learning more and sharing with others."

Leadership Training for Byggnads through FA-kurs

Roger, Fasadglas:
”I got a very good insight about myself and how I can develop myself further

Participant, Täby brandskyddsteknik:
”Interesting and a wake-up call for many other thoughts”

Tony, Täby brandskyddsteknik:
”This course was very useful and informative”

Henrik, Täby brandskyddsteknik:
”Awsome education”

Deltagare, Täby brandskyddsteknik:
”Healthy and will generate success”

Jakob Rudbäck, Founder & COO, yepstr AB

"Big thank you from the team for a great inspiratroduction! Today everybody is standing up, the waterbottles are filled and the window is open and fills the room with fresh oxygen. It will be very exciting to see the change in mood and productivity. Must say that you complement each other in a souvereign way- I like how you use metaphors to enhance memory. Very well thought through the material and the way you worked us through the day. Really really good! "

Johan Bygge, Chief Operating Officer, EQT

"In a fast growing organisation it is of big worth to meet and get together and unite around work and values of the organisation, which ones we stand up for and how to achieve good results. Carina and Agneta helped us to create an enthusiastic and fruitful atmosphere, even though we were a big group, we could really open up and discuss and challenge each other under fun  circumstances. This of course increased the value of the conference and also gave the participants a taste of how to work on different issues and what to think about, and what to work with. A very strong delivery. Thank you!"

Anna Dolk, Project Manager, Nacka kommun

"The months with Carina has been an exciting and fantastic trip. I have very much been looking forward to every meeting . Carina is warm,  positive and inspires a big portion of confidence.  I have learned many new things both in my role as a projectleader as well as a sailor, skier and in my everyday living. The inner journey has given me trust and strength. I have become more aware of my values and the strength of being here and now. Superbig thankyou Carina!"

Katarina Callaghan, Leadership Coach and Mentor

"Agneta is a very professional and experienced coach with a wonderful humor and energi. I warmly recommend her."

Ian Holmer, Race skier

"Thanks to Carina I have learned to perform under pressure and work with the development of my skiing instead of being nervous. Carina is enormously easy to talk to and I felt trust already at the first meeting. One year later I am much more self confident. We have also worked with nomalizing racing. This mental preparing is something I have used in social contexts as well, to build my self esteeem and feel more trust."

Maria Nordberg, Manager Environment and Sustainability

"Agneta is a rare competent, professional, humble, and wonderful person. She navigates between hard facts, methology and feelings without disharmony. To ask for her assistance is strongly recommended by me."

Mika Falkensjö, Climber and Skiguide

"I contacted Carina for setting goals and achieving them. I have developed enormously as a human being thanks to Carinas fantastic ability to help me grow. The most violent is the development others see in me. I feel better, I have realized the value of my relations in a new way, my performance anxiety is almost gone and I enjoy the travel towards my goals. I perform better due to smarter control of myself and I understand better what I need to be able to perform at my best. A lot due to Carinas help in working in another way than before. Carina has guided me through one of my most giving and exciting periods in my life. This will follow me through my life and enrich and boost me, my life and my closest ones. I am so thankful. This is one of the best investments in myself."

Joakim Fond, Managing Director, HYDAC:

"A management team must constantly develop. Agneta's management development programme Safe, Clear and Trustworthy has been a very valuable vitamin injection for my management team. Agneta delivers the programme with great presence and her down-to-earth style reflects on the participants, who dare to enter into a deeper and more personal dialogue during the programme. There was plenty of time for reflection between sessions, which is important as a management group usually has a very busy calendar.

Personally, I have gained a better understanding of myself as a leader. Many interesting conversations were held about values and behaviour, which I believe is important to reflect on in order to strengthen oneself as a manager and leader. The programme also included a coaching module where individual action plans were discussed with Agneta. Here she is good at reconnecting with what was concluded at the last coaching session.

I can highly recommend Agneta. If you are looking for a management development programme where the focus is on increasing each individual's credibility as a leader and manager, I can highly recommend Agneta. Especially if the management team is newly appointed. Agneta's positive attitude also meant that the training did not in any way feel burdensome to implement, on the contrary, I looked forward to every occasion when we would meet! The programme was useful for my management team and all the members have become much closer because we know more about each other, it's as simple as that!"

”The fact that Carina coached me with compassion and care during the Values Tool is not a surprise. The surprise was in the dimensionality of the tool, the holistic approach the tool allows and how it led me to discover a motivation that is absolutely opposite of what I'd ever have guessed as a vision's value. Once it was uncovered, it made perfect sense and now I have a values based roadmap to guide me towards my aspirations.”

Deborah Goldstein, Founder and CEO of DRIVEN Professionals

Johanna Tiensuu Stålnacke,  IUAFM Guide, Adventure Skier & Climber

"Carina understands both mountain and mind. Having climbed the Matterhorn, she knows about the powerful and crucial interaction between mind and performance when the terrain makes no compromises. With her wide knowledge and skills to understand and the individual, I’ve experienced uniqueness in our work together and have been able to conform to techniques and use them as my very own.
I feel fortunate to work with such a competent coach like Carina. She has a wonderful charisma and she is skilled, clear and cool!"
Read more at:www.alpinepassion.com

International Singer and Artistic Leader:

"Through a colleague I got in contact with Carina in a crucial part of my career. After giving birth and baby years I felt confused in my role as singer and musician. I did not know how to concretize my inner vision of my  artistry  so that every day could work with my beloved music. We worked together very short and intense. I started to see the outlines of how my career would fit into my everyday life. At the same time as I am aiming for the top in my field I do not want to give up my family life.  That is why I needed to weigh pro´s and con´s in every situation. Carina helped me to find the right choices for me and now three years later I am extraordinary satisfied with my career and family situation. I warmly recommend Carina, i would not have dared to succeed as I did without her guidance..."

Local Politician:

"I felt the coaching as very positive. It has been good and developing to have this type of coaching. I sense more trust in my role, I have learned to identify behaviours  that I am not satisfied with and how to change them. I have gotten many tools which helps me to handle leadership situations. I have also identified my core values and learned more about the coaching leadership."

Åsa Ambuhm, Chef Marknadskommunikation, AMF

Listen to when Åsa describes her working with Carina (Swedish):

Staffan Forssberg, Training Manager at Skanska Sverige AB

"Agneta is a very professional trainer in leadership and coaching. Always well prepared and have a way with people that is always very appreciated. She is sensitive to different peoples different needs and is very good at listen to what they mean. Her flexibility makes it very easy and fun to work with Agneta."

Ulla Bladh, Senior Partner, Tema

"Carina as a coach is fantastic. She has an enormous energy, is positive, has a long life experience, can read people fast and guides the right way and gives excellent feedback. I have been looking forward to every meeting with Carina. The work together with her has made me achieve my goals in such a short time as six months. Something that earlier seemed  totally unreachable."

Sofie Åstedt Carlström, HR Consultant, Folktandvården i Stockholms län

"Agneta has in a very professional way introduced our supervisors in the art of supervising and coaching. She has put together a very well planned and varied program which made the participants longing for the next workshop. Agneta is a charismatic and entertaining lecturer and generously gives of herself. With a strong hand she has guided our supervisors through the program. If it will be current with another program we will undoubtedly turn to Agneta again."

Peter Enberger, Advisor, TRR Trygghetsrådet

"Carina is a professional inspirer and a source of energy. With her competence she has helped job seeking officials with motivation, inspiration and knowledge - valuable for those who have an everyday filled with adversity. With her responsiveness and curiosity she has gotten our collaboration to become 1 + 1 = 3. It has also been enormously giving for me to have the possibiltiy to work together with Carina in our training programs.

Linda Holmgren, Together

"Thank you, Agneta Lundgren, for saving me from falling as bad as when the rapists turned up. Plus which you have given me trust being on stage."

Henrietta Störtebecker, Project Manager, Tema

"Driving, giving, supporting, guiding - better than expected. I liked that it was so wide - there was a lot of room for learning so much myself  which is thanks to good coaching. Carina, you are always splendid and freshens me up and gets me to be inspired and keep on working with myself and the mental training. A blast!"

Susanna Billgren, Test & Quality Consultant, Knowit

"When I met Carina I had put on me one of my largest and best challenges of my life - to be responsible for two teams and and a common delivery without having the tools forit, onlky a strong beleif that I could make it.
With the help of Carina I have learned to give myself the conditions to work and live with energy, happiness, creativity and structure. I have worked with my intentions and the state of mind I want to achieve, found the pro´s of slow moves. I have learned to put my needs on the map, put off time for my projects, plan the work from my point of wiew of what suits me. Every meeting with Carina has given me the  filling and push I need to get further and to solve the everyday challenges and life problems by myself.

It has been a fantastic trip for me both personally and professionally. Thank you Carina!"

Lotten Rapp, former Freeskier on Freeride World Tour

" I am fascinated by the effects that the work with Carina gives me everyday in the lifecrucial seconds when I am to perform at the top. I am very aware of that it is a privileauge to take part of her knowledge and her competence. I wish that every person on earth was able to have a "Carina".