Inspiring Lectures

How Amazing is our Brain?

How can leaders handle demands on return, performance and change and at the same time feel safe and be creative?  We know that the brain is amazing – but how amazing is it really? What is it that makes us feel threatened and that leads to breakdown in communication, team work and goal achievement? And what is it that makes us feel acknowledged and rewarded that we can encourage instead? With some knowledge about three parts of the brain and the SCARF model, we can make it easier to understand what triggers us and others. 

You are a Success

Be inspired and let your employees be inspired by a workshop on how we can help our brains help us go forward. The human being is an entity – a system where the parts are interdependent and have a huge impact on each other.

Increase your understanding of the sustainable development system in which body and mind work together more consciously.

Which are the pitfalls?
Which are the keys to success?
We mix lectures with exercises that illustrate the interaction between our brain and our body. 

You are Valuable

Values are strongly attached to engagement and it is our own personal values that do the job! When you become more aware of what is really important to you and why – then something happens with your energy and motivation. A talk about the value of values for the organisation if they work through the values of the individuals and the different teams. 

The Matterhorn Peak Performance

To stretch yourself to the limits and to challenge yourself gives new experiences, discoveries and knowledge, regardless of whether it deals with strengthening yourself, building a strong team in a company or ascending 14.691 ft.
Carina Vinberg, the woman who dreamed of ascending the Matterhorn- and succeeded, tells the story about her climb up and down the mountain with great engagement.
Carina climbs the highest and most dangerous mountains in Switzerland. Her striving to reach the peaks has a striking similarity to the driving force, strategies and risk analyses which we are faced with at work and in daily life. Listen to a lecture which gives insights and inspiration.

Perform with Joy

Meet Lotten Rapp, one of the world’s outstanding extreme skiers!
Focus, joy and security are her guiding words when she performs at the top in the Freeride World Tour. “I am fascinated by the effects that the work with Carina gives me every day and at the moment of decisive importance when I need to perform at top level”. Listen to their work together relating to their own leadership and success in the balance!

Strong and Safe towards long-term Goals

A strong conviction to succeed with a sense of  security. Mental stability and safety are tools for managing the challenges ahead. In a very personal talk, adventurer Johanna Stålnacke tells us in an entrancing way about the years of preparation to become the 4th Swedish woman, certified as an international mountain guide. 
She was coached by Carina Vinberg in setting goals, both long-term and short-term, and to perform with strength and security under hard pressure, which requires tools that are sustainable and easy to use. 

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