Values-based Development

Why Work with Values?

Research shows that people who have insight and knowledge of their own personal values ​​are more committed and motivated – both in their private life and at work. If you can also find coherence between your own values ​​and the workplace, the effect is even greater. Stress and anxiety associated with work is reduced. Leaders who have insight into both their personal and organizational values are perceived to be more credible and they find it easier to make decisions.

Awareness of personal values increases engagement at work:

Development of individuals, teams and cultures

Explore and discover your personal values ​​using the mapping tool Our feedback process, by storytelling unveals your true life stories which gives you a clear and better understanding of what is really important to you and why, what motivates you and what gets you energized. You also may find  what you heartedly strive for. Getting to know yourself on a deeper level is shown to be more and more necessary in order to lead others in today's and tomorrow's organizations. We want to follow leaders who are confident, clear and credible.

In our group processes, we share each other's stories, which both require and lead to greater trust and openness. Especially when we have to solve complex tasks together, this is a prerequisite. The commitment that emerges from the team members during the process, is quickly transformed into a higher and more sustainable profitability.

"When we get the opportunity to live and act in accordance with our personal values, we experience meaning in what we do and with meaning, we find inner motivation."

Brian P. Hall 

Clear, Confident and Credible: our Fast Track to Trust

Participants in our training programmes often mention these three states when describing what our values-based processes lead to. When we know more about what's really important to us, and where that comes from, we seem to become more confident with who we are. We can more easily communicate why we are the way we are, do what we do and what we strive for. When we walk our talk we appear credible to people around us. Especially if we are able to align our personal values with the values of the team we work in everyday and the organisation we represent. We like to follow leaders who are credible. During our team processes, trust is built and cultivated, which makes the road ahead more easy to travel. Our programmes involve i.a. the following:


Personal Values

Our process starts with an online ranking of personal values, then storytelling around them together with other participants in pairs or triads.  This enhances awareness of self and others as well as it creates a higher level of trust. Personal values are connected to the values of the team and the values, vision, mission and strategies of the organisation.  


By investigating strengths, pitfalls, allergies and challenges, using the tool Core Quadrants, we continue the development process. This work involves feedback that strengthens the relationships between participants even more.
To operate on the different levels of values, behaviours and intentions, the opportunities for positive development of both the individual, team and organisation increases.


During the course of the program, participants choose a co-pilot in the group. These two colleagues support, coach and challenge each other  between the workshops. Studies show that social support is of utmost importance during training programmes to make change possible. We strive to enhance trust in teams which leads to increased courage, creativity and better results. 


Not only our workshops - but life is a bootcamp, or an area for exercise and practice. Our participants identifies thoughts and behaviours that are to be put in practice in their day-to-day lives. They write them down and communicate them to team members. When we say out loud to others what we wish to achieve, the chances for change and growth increase. We recommend small steps that are surmountable, motivating and that can make a huge positive difference.