About Framgångare

Framgångare is a brand – a collaboration between two leadership trainers, group developers and coaches (communicologists) that share the vision that people are successful in life in general and at work in particular. The meaning of success is determined by each individual or group. Our collaboration is based on the value words Joy, Quality and Holistic.
Carina has been self-employed in Actionate AB since 1999. 
Agneta has been self-employed since 2002 and currently runs Allez! Agneta Lundgren Ledarskap AB. 

Carina Vinberg 

is a communicologist and climber. A woman who dreamed of climbing the Matterhorn – and succeeded. As a leader in change she enables individuals and teams to create the power and energy which give a clear direction towards a common goal.
070-862 92 21

Agneta Lundgren 

is a communicologist, leadership trainer, group developer, coach and elite sportswoman. As a mother, daughter, friend and colleague she sees the keys to success as being the same, whatever the context. Practice leads to results and good performance!
070-657 18 21